Raising the Bar

The third instalment in RICS’ ground-breaking ‘Raising the Bar’ research series makes a powerful case for how, as an industry, FM makes significant contributions to business success and organisational effectiveness. This report reviews the current state of the FM industry and is published in collaboration with IFMA.

Raising the Bar

From Operational Excellence to Strategic Impact in FM

This research identifies the key issues facing the industry and puts ways forward for how FM can build recognition and understanding within the C-suite, among other business leaders, and with related infrastructure groups.

Key challenges & actions identified include:

  • The need to move beyond a cost-centre mentality and build recognition for the value and ROI that excellent, well-supported FM can bring.
  • The need to take on the strategic challenge of championing workplace effectiveness, workforce productivity and well-being.
  • The need to recruit new talent to replace an ageing workforce.
  • The need to recognise the need for relationship management skills in addition to those of operational service delivery.
  • The need to adopt and apply new technologies to enhance the management of facilities and to create new kinds of workplaces.

In scrutinising the complicated label of “facility management” and how its perceived focus on the built environment detracts from its strategic impact on both workforce and workplace, ‘Raising the Bar: from Operational Excellence to Strategic Impact in FM’ makes a dynamic case for the profession to broaden its remit, upgrade its status and play a significant role in contributing to organisational effectiveness and business success.

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